Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I just wanted to touch base and say Hey!!! I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I am simply exhausted. Starting a blog in the last semester of graduate school seems a little Looney Tooney now especially so when I’m taking 17 hours!!! But I love this; this blog is my new baby since the 15 year-old baby that I do have, is going to drive me into an early grave. I try my best to be a loving, giving and supportive mother so tell me why I am being punished??? I was a pretty good kid; I do not feel I deserve this punishment but that’s a whole other story. This may be the only blog that gives you assignments but I feel that it may be beneficial to all who has ever felt just an ounce of what I'm going through (sort of therapeutic) also.  As I’ve said before I need your help – just to talk, to motivate, give tips, recipes and maybe post an article or two. With the feedback so far and my research, I’ve made lots of changes and made new goals.
My goals and progress thus far:

  • I’ve lost 15 pounds, I weigh myself on Monday morning only
  • I’ve lost 1 inch off of my thighs
  • My blood sugar is going down, in the past it has been 300+, but lately it has been in the 100’s, which is a major accomplishment (normal range is 80-120) !!!!
  • I’m eating better and its getting easier to make better choices (as long as I’m prepared)
  • I’ve added some vitamins and supplements (per Oprah) vitamin D is an excellent choice and helps with weight loss
Thus still a long way to go but taking it one day at a time.

  • I’ve tried many exercises, tried a little yoga; my body is not ready to stretch that way.
  • I tried a Biggest Loser video; these breasts are not ready for jumping jacks. J
  • Leslie Sansone walking videos are very good.
I’m taking my time this journey and educating myself. My intentions were to post my stats (weight and measurements) but that is going to take another month or so; I’m still talking myself into that.

So what I need from all of this time is to share by:  posting any low calorie recipes you have or any tips that may have helped you,  or even post questions that you may have and please, feel free to share my blog with others. I want to thank all of you and tell you that I honestly love the comments (even though most of you feel the need to text instead of post on the site); don’t be afraid to post, let’s share this journey with all!

Quote of the Day:
The word impossible soooooo clearly says IM POSSIBLE!!!! revrun

Until next time,
I am powerful beyond measure, beautiful inside and out


  1. Yay!! Good Job! I like Fix it & forget it lightly. It's a crockpot cook book. Weight Watchers also has several good cook books. One of them has a good chicken recipe that uses black beans & salsa among other things.

  2. Hey cousin! great job on the weigth loss, keep up the good work! LaShaun